Mr Chilly [Restaurant - Blogger Review]

Getting a good curry in London is hard work. There are a plethora of Indian restaurants offering customers a selection of food but there has been a growth of 'Indian restaurants for English people', often still serving good quality food but tailored somewhat towards the typical English pallet. 

This brings me to the crux of this post, Mr Chilly. Mr Chilly can be found less than a five minute walk from North Harrow underground station (344 Pinner Road, Harrow) and is by far the nicest Indian restaurant this side of Southall! 

I wen't with a group of six, including Carol and Karim who have been like surrogate parents to me and of course, Karim knows the best Indian restaurants to eat in! 

Arriving at 8:30/ 9pm there was a queue outside, the place was packed which is always a fantastic sign for a restaurant! We were seated at the  table nearest the kitchen and the strong aroma of different spices filled the air and the chatter from the full restaurant added to the vibe. 

Our group usually eats unconventionally, waving goodbye to specific eating times and eating at Mr Chilly was no exception. We opted to go for a selection of curries, rice and Naan and it was fantastic. An additional red chilli type sauce was left on the table to add to the spice and a white garlic and herb type sauce to make the flavours milder if needed. 

The service was fantastic and the food lived up to the high expectations, it was amazing. The full menu can be found online by clicking here 

If you want some fantastic Indian food for a very reasonable price then check out Mr Chilli. It's within a stones throw from North Harrow underground station and you will not be disappointed. If you drink alcohol, bring your own. 

As this as a marketing blog i'll be spending the latter part of this review assessing their marketing rather than their food (which was fantastic). 

The owners of Mr Chilli have a succession of impressive Indian style restaurants under their belts and it shows, not just from the cooking but the subtle marketing as well. There is an art to word of mouth marketing, and the owners of Mr Chilli have it dialled. Everyone I spoke to knew it was the 'must eat' place for Indian food this side of Southall. Marketers often overlook word of mouth as a form of marketing and on a national scale quite rightly so, but locally there is arguably nothing better. 


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